Powered Fibre

Save up to 70% by installing power and fibre in one

One cable, infinate possiblities

The powered fibre cabling solution combines high-performance, low-latency fibre-optic data connectivity with a copper low-voltage dc power connection. This enables the connection of any number of powered remote devices without the need for new conduit, bulky extra cable runs or expensive electricians. With the powered fibre cable solution, your network gains access to a vast and growing ecosystem of applications, including:

  • Optical LAN
  • Emergency Phones
  • HD security cameras
  • Digital signage
  • Wi-Fi access points
  • Small cells
  • Or virtually any low-voltage dc powered device

Powered fibre

is an innovative solution designed to enable easier, faster and more effective fibre installations. It offers potential customers a number of key benefits, including a more efficient installation process due to its integrated approach to fiber deployment, reducing the time, cost, and complexity associated with fiber networks. Additionally, Hexatronics InOne powered fibre allows for a smoother user experience, providing automatic and immediate network access while providing a high-performance network. The solution is highly secure, taking advantage of its multiple power sources, protecting mission-critical networks and data from malicious attacks. Finally, its high-efficiency, low-power design ensures lower operating costs and improved power usage efficiency.
Hexatronic InOne powered fiber provides a number of benefits, including –
• Reduced installation time
• Improved copper to fiber transition
• Simultaneous powering and data transmission
• Cost efficiency
• Efficient and reliable power distribution
• Space saving and programmable start-stop power
• Advanced troubleshooting and diagnostics capabilities
• Cost Saving
The InOne system simplifies the installation process and offers an end-to-end connectivity solution that can be used for both in-building and outdoor networks. With this system, data transmission and powering can take place over the same fiber line, providing an efficient and eco-friendly way for the transmission of data and electricity. Additionally, by utilizing programmable start-stop power, power can be sent and delivered selectively to different parts of the network, helping to save energy costs.

Appication Overview

  • Complete power and data solution platform for IP devices
  • Low-voltage power provided by centralized source/backup UPS
  • One power supply can drive up to 32 devices simultaneously
  • Extends PoE distance up to three kilometres (at 15 watts)
  • Low-cost installation and setup
  • Supports passive optical network (PON) applications
  • Ideally suited to campus environments, airports, parking areas, stadiums, small cell base stations, fibre to the room and more.

Powered Fibre Cable System

Today’s life is smarter than ever before, the cabling system is bound to develop in order to support the high efficiency and interoperability needed.

Powered fibre cable system as a solution for extending PoE, caters to the need for multiple devices at a single point in a large coverage area. 5G active antenna systems, IoT devices, smart cities, LED lighting, surveillance systems, etc. will be the applications where powered fibre and PoE are widely used.

Traditionally, Ethernet copper cable provides functions that fibre cables can not supply: they are able to transmit power and data over a single cable while fibre is acknowledged to all with its ability to carry data over a long distance. But the emergence of powered fibre cable changes all of this.
A powered fibre cable system incorporates powered fibre cable and PoE extender in addition to cable and fibre management, power transmission management, safety, and overload protection, as well as a universal power supply (PSU). The transmission distance of a powered fibre cable system can reach up to 30 times longer than that of a CAT cable system.