Blown Optical Fibre

“Seamless Data Flow, Powered by Fiber Innovation” 

Blown fibre systems offer a variety of advantages over traditional fiber systems, including reduced installation costs, simplified repair and maintenance, and a migration path for future applications.

Air Blown Fiber Technology is a fiber cable installation method in which fiber cables are pushed through microducts from one end to the other using compressed air.
The advantages of an Air Blown Fiber for system deployment include ease of installation, cost savings on labour and materials, quick deployment and a reduction of labour injury risks. This technology can be deployed without the need for heavy machinery, heavy tools or the need to trench an area, and provides roughly three times the installation speed of traditional cable installation once the microduct is in.

Air blown micro cabling systems meet the demand for nearly unlimited bandwidth, which creates a future-proof network ready for tomorrow’s demanding applications. Cost-efficient roll-out and maintenance, which creates the opportunity for increasing broadband penetration and reaching out to new users.

Unique Air blown fibre features 

  • Air blown fibre is the most flexible and cost-effective fibre-blowing solution currently available on the market:
  • Pre-terminated fibres make installation of fibre from the end user faster, easier, and cuts the need for splicing by 50%.
  • The microduct’s interior, with its innovative construction design that reduces the friction between the fiber and the duct is designed to speed the installation process.

We specialise in Hexatronic, Emtelle and Sirocco® Blown Optical Fibre

The innovations delivered by the Hexatronic, Emtelle and Sirocco® blown fibre systems, will future-proof your network by making extensions and changes far more economical for future expansion to an extensive network.
Correctional facilities, mining sites, industrial sites, factories, universities, medical campuses, high-rise buildings and heritage buildings are all examples where blown fibre is ideal for overcoming challenges like security, limited access and technician safety.
Blown fibre is a way to install fibre cables in an existing building: fibre is pushed through an existing duct using compressed air. Air is pumped through the tube to reduce friction between the cable and the surface of the housing duct.
Blown fibre allows fiber to be installed much faster than what would be possible with previous methods.
Watch our engineers installing blown fibre to make a building connect to our ultrafast business internet.
Fibre optic networks are a vital component of any modern building or business infrastructure. Blown optical fibre is a delivery method that makes the installation, repair and maintenance of your fibre network quicker, easier, more reliable, and more cost-effective.

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