Blown Optical Fibre


We specialise in Emtelle and Sirocco® blown optical fibre.

The Emtelle and Sirocco® system of blown fibre is market-leading technology using specialist equipment and tooling the optical fibres are blown into pre-installed tubes with compressed air.

The innovations delivered by the Emtelle and Sirocco® blown fibre system may initially cost more than conventional fibre. However, it will future proof your network by making extensions and changes far more economical using the micro-duct infrastructure for future expansion to an extensive network.

Correctional facilities, mining sites, industrial sites, factories, universities, medical campuses, high-rise buildings and heritage buildings are all examples where blown fibre is ideal for overcoming challenges like security, limited access and technician safety.

All Data & Communications blown fibre
Sirocco blown fibre equipment
Emtelle blown fibre equipment

Learn more about blown optical fibre

Watch our short video [2:47 mins]

Fibre optic networks are a vital component of any modern building or business infrastructure. Blown optical fibre is a delivery method that makes the install, repair and maintenance of your fibre network quicker, easier, more reliable, and more cost-effective. Discover how All Data & Communications transformed a 25-floor commercial premise in Brisbane’s CBD into a Smart Technology Hub with little disruption to network services.

Blown optical fibre demonstration

Watch our short video [0:21 mins]

A fascinating look at our team in action blowing fibre with the GS 150. Fibre is blown in at 55 m per minute, taking 25 mins to install 900 m! At All Data & Communications, we use market-leading technology and specialist equipment to meet all your business needs.

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