PNCUB Project - Port of Brisbane

PNCUB Project – Port of Brisbane

PNCUB (Ports North Common User Berth) is located next to the new Brisbane International Cruise Terminal at Pinkenba and is commonly used as a refuelling wharf. All Data & Communications was engaged to provide connectivity, via fibre links, to the Port of Brisbane offices in the new Cruise Terminal.

All Data was also engaged by Pensar Utilities to provide fibre links from the cruise terminal to the new Operations Building adjacent to the Wharf,.and again from the Operations Building to a Network Cabinet located on the wharf.

All Data was also tasked with the provision of CCTV and Access Control to the buildings and Wharf, and provided the Stainless Steel Network Cabinets direct to the Port of Brisbane for use in this installation. CCTV cameras on the wharf had to be intrinsically safe due to the dangers associated with highly flammable refuelling liquids.