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Business Grade Carrier Services at Wholesale Prices without the fuss

Full end-to-end fibre direct to your site ($0 build available*)
Available as an upgrade to businesses within nbn™’s fixed-line footprint, your business can access full end-to-end fibre installed from the Fibre Access Node (FAN) back to your site. This gives you incredibly fast connectivity to support your internet, network services and other bandwidth-intensive applications.

Backed by Field Solutions’ Network
Field Solution’s optimised Australia wide network ensures that the Enterprise Ethernet connection you get from us, is the best it can be. With 24 hour monitoring, optimisation and 100% Australia support


Available in point-to-point or point-to-multipoint configurations, microwave wireless services can be a good option in hard to reach locations where fixed line connectivity is lacking. Speeds vary, but can achieve up to 1/1Gbps with optimal deployments.


As the king of connectivity, fibre ethernet provides optimal reliability and symmetrical bandwidth. Choose from anywhere between 10/10Mbps and 1/1Gbps, or explore our dark fibre options for even greater speeds.


Due to the decommissioning of the copper network, copper ethernet is falling out of fashion. Still viable in some areas, these services typically range from 2/2Mbps up to 80/80Mbps, depending on their proximity to the exchange

Mobile Data

Easy to deploy and with coverage in almost all locations, mobile data SIMs offer the perfect backup option or temporary service for a new office. These use the 4G mobile data network, and 5G as soon as it is available, so speed is on your side.