Fibre Optic Testing, Cleaning and Repair

Get crystal clear network performance with our comprehensive Fibre Optic Testing using advanced Fluke Versiv technology along with expert cleaning, and reliable repair services

Fibre Optic Testing

Our staff are highly trained and we use state-of-the-art equipment. The latest Fluke Versiv platform allows the efficient and accurate testing of copper and fibre cabling.

Fibre tests include OTDR, light source power meter and fibre end face inspections. After these tests are performed the Fluke Networks software allows us to generate a report with all three tests visible and easy to understand.

Faulty or dirty fibre will drastically impact on the performance of your network.

Not only do we test all fibre ends prior to installation, we utilise two manners of testing to ensure the most accurate and comprehensive results:

  • Light source power meter; and
  • OTDR testing

The data we gather during the testing process is compiled into a comprehensive report and enables us to pinpoint network issues and areas for improvement. Once testing is complete a suite of options can be explored to correct your network and improve performance.

Fibre Optic Cleaning

While optic fibre networks are hardy and technologically advanced they still require upkeep from time to time. If you are noticing network slowness or other issues, the fibre may have been impacted by dust or even by a previous technician if they failed to clean the fibres prior to installation.

All Data & Communications utilise top-quality equipment to clean fibre networks bringing you improved performance and reliability.

Fibre Optic Repair

Whatever the cause of your fibre network damage we can provide a series of options to bring your network back to fully operational.