3D Mapping

3D Mapping & Document Control

All Data Scanning is your solution to meet the ever-changing demands of our customers. Our advanced 3D scanning capabilities, including interactive virtual walk-throughs and cutting-edge tools, allow our clients to optimize their spaces at every stage of their lifecycle.

By leveraging the power of 3D scanning, our clients gain insights into their  properties never before possible. Our technology allows analysis of space, providing clients with information needed to make informed decisions that optimize spaces for maximum efficiency and profitability.

We can quickly digitize your property portfolio anywhere in Australia, without the need for you to invest in hardware or employee training. By integrating our scanning technology into your business operations, you retain a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

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One 3D scan serves multiple purposes and delivers multiple benefits

      • Documenting the precise location of cables where they are in the walls at a rough-in stage which is very important for the likes of Australian Border Force and other trades within a facility by precisely documenting where everything is.
      • In handover of a facility, documenting exactly what state and areas these facilities are in for Building Management Services needs to be precise. We can streamline this process.
      • Information gathering – Within the model, we can use measuring tools which can assist in coordinating trades at a later date. Let’s take a data rack for example, we can work out whether we’ve got extra room or not for future planning any expansion rather than having to physically attend the site to measure up.
      • Coordination of Trades & services. We can coordinate trades and services from a desktop anywhere in the world so rather than getting on a plane and having to do a site visit, our technology allows you to run people through the facility in real time without having to travel to site. Just a simple Teams meeting coupled with a with an interactive whiteboard rough sketch, make notes, measure areas precisely, take screenshots and send that information on to key people instantaneously.
      • Create 2D floor plans we can drop in information hooks like QR codes with reference to file structures for IP Masterplan patching schedules specific special information about a particular area or a particular solution in the area. normally Australian Border Force will have to inspect transition boxes for a secret network this allows the person to quickly and easily understand where these transition boxes are and what state they are in when they are in when they are handed over.
      • General coordination, we can copy these plans out to create a fire safety evacuation diagram. Anything building related can be facilitated through this 3D model without having to be on site and the beauty of it is, is that it can be copied out and used for multiple purposes.
      • It can be used in a VR environment. Virtual Reality goggles can be used to enhance the experience. For example, imagine holding a meeting in your boardroom and then instantly being able to have everyone attending that same meeting, walk through and tour a facility that is located in another country.
      • Familiarisation of site and OH&S. Add smooth changes, we live in a dynamic world where things change all the time so having instant access to view, plan & discuss details of a site with the visual aspect on hand, will help with procurement, overall safety and overall delivery of a project in an economical way.


The Matterport Pro3 and Faro Focus S70 are both 3D scanning devices with unique features and applications.

Faro S70 Scanner

The Faro Focus S70 is ideal for clients requiring precise measurements of physical components or environments for industrial or manufacturing purposes. It uses a laser scanner that captures detailed information about an object or environment, making it ideal for industrial inspection, site investigation, and industrial reverse engineering. It offers high accuracy and smooth-operating technology to increase efficiency and cost savings. The Faro S70 can also be used to scan small details of objects for 3D printing applications.

Matterport Pro3 Scanner

On the other hand, the Matterport Pro3 is an advanced digital camera best suited for clients in the real estate, architecture, and construction industries requiring fast and accurate 3D scanning of interior spaces. It uses a combination of infrared sensors and a high-resolution camera to capture images of the environment and build an immersive 3D model of the space. With the ability to scan spaces at up to 25 frames per second, it creates accurate 3D models that can be viewed at multiple scales. It can create an immersive experience for clients to virtually tour a space as if they were inside, making it a great tool for showcasing properties or designs.

Facilities Management

Visualize interiors as high–definition 3D walkthroughs, similar to those experienced in Google Street View.

3D scanning and reality capture are evolving to help facility managers visualize and navigate complex buildings and access important asset data. 

Imagine a situation where a new light fitting is required in a meeting room in a Commercial Office Building in the CBD. The maintenance department might receive a message with basic details such as “faulty light” and the room number and floor. However a technician still has to locate the room, typically by consulting a floor plan or using their own personal knowledge, then walk there to identify the specific fitting and the parts and tools required for the job. 

Managing a built asset is all about efficient resource planning and optimizing processes to ensure that things run smoothly, but certain tasks can be held back if property and facility management teams experience problems identifying and locating different spaces, systems or equipment. 

Advanced 3D scanning and reality capture technology can eliminate these issues by providing FM teams with immediate access to dimensionally accurate, realistic 3D representations of spaces that can be easily navigated and interrogated before having to visit the actual location in person. The advantages can ultimately help drive down the cost of occupying a building. 

In Facility Management, environments can be captured on a regular basis to ensure operations and maintenance staff have a comprehensive and up to date record

The All Data Portal is browser-based, thereby  enabling viewers to click on a link to access and explore buildings as a 3D walkthrough. Or the floorplans in IndoorViewer may be navigated in 2D ‘top down’ view, on any mobile device, which when clicked on, displays 3D walkthroughs showing rooms, objects and assets such as machines or pieces of equipment. These important visual cues enable technicians to clearly identify, not only the location of a repair or maintenance task, but also the specific product or item that requires attention. 

Its Digital Twin will allow a building user to create and send an incident report to a technician, including a photograph of the location where  failure has occurred. The software then automatically locates the specific office and displays it in IndoorViewer where a virtual inspection may be carried out before proceeding to the site. 

In addition, the platform provides access to all relevant documents and provides directions to the location of the alert, reducing the time wasted in searching for locations and dependency upon local or personal familiarity with spaces. 

To help speed up internal navigation, All Data incorporates a routing option that enables users to find the fastest route from point A to B. A virtual path in the walkthrough indicates  location. It is also possible to create and assign maintenance tickets in the 3D model that include exact location references. 

The All Data & Communications 3D laser scanning service captures vast amounts of spatial information extremely quickly, with a high level of accuracy, enabling our clients to make decisions about design, confirm as-built compliance, and monitor built and natural assets with ease.