Sunstate Cement – Weighbridge 6


Sunstate Cement plant at the Port of Brisbane intended to change traffic flow due to higher demand on some products. A new weight bridge facilitated the streamlining and safety of trucks entering and exiting the site.

After the design was completed by Sunstate Cement, All Data & Communications was approached to provide communication and CCTV services which All Data & Communications already maintained on the site. A design to expand on the blown fibre network and structured cabling was proposed and accepted.

The Solution

All Data & Communications expanded on the blown fibre network, previously installed by All Data & Communications, to connect the new weighbridge, control hut, new Gate 1 signage, and control terminal. This was combined with a category 6 solution for the CCTV system that has IP connectivity to the existing CCTV system that is maintained by All Data & Communications.

All Data & Communications also provided all the electrical and communication control boards for the project, as well as installing the civil works package for electrical and communications in partnership with the electrical contractor.

Due to the nature of the site, it was suggested that all control boards be marine grade stainless steel to combat the corrosion elements from the environment and to apply protection for all the equipment inside the boards.

All Data & Communications’ experience in relation to this site provided the advantage of understanding the safety practices required. Therefore, systems were already in place with the relevant documentation and training to provide the service in a safe manner, as required working in this environment.

Peace of Mind

All Data & Communications commissioned the project, expanding on the warranty that was already on-site, which includes the maintenance of the existing CCTV system. Sunstate Cement can engage All Data & Communications to provide maintenance services if required with very limited downtime due to All Data & Communications already being on-site.

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