Sunstate Cement – Vibration Analysis


All Data & Communications was contracted to install vibration sensors within the gearboxes of Mills 1, 2 and 4 of Sunstate Cement plant at the Port of Brisbane. The project was commissioned to provide information to determine if there is an abnormality in the bearings, allowing time to plan for maintenance of the mill when required.

The Solution

All Data & Communications installed new vibration sensors within the gearboxes to determine any changes in the operations of the gearbox itself and the bearing cage holding the bearings.

As this project involved downtime of the plant, there was no room for error and every scenario had to be taken into account. This project involved extensive planning due to the need to limit the shutdown of operations as well as the health and safety implications of the work to be undertaken. The planning stage determined shutdown procedures, confined space requirements, permits of work, and job certified systems. Throughout the work All Data & Communications staff adhered to strict protocols of cleaning all debris and shavings to ensure no foreign objects were left in the gearbox. Environmental procedures due to the lubricating chemicals within the gearbox, and OH&S procedures for the protection of workers within the machinery were also followed.

Specialised tools and equipment were used to install the sensors. The environmental considerations of where the equipment would be installed was taken into consideration. Specialised cabling was installed, which involved internal wiring of two of the gearboxes and external wiring of a third gearbox. The environmental and mechanical protection that was required to work,
ensured the area was fit for purpose.

All Data & Communications staff are trained in confined spaces and refresher courses were again conducted before entry into each space. In conjunction with the strict cleaning of the work area, all equipment was tagged in and out, providing an accountability system ensuring no fouling of the gearbox would occur after the completion of the work.

Peace of Mind

All Data & Communications then commissioned the installation with Schaeffler Australia and the client after testing of the equipment before restart of the plant to commence normal operations.

This guaranteed the integrity of the system and the monitoring of the mills can be performed without the need to shut down the system, thus eliminating downtime for the plant.

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