Sunstate Cement – Fire Detection & Monitoring


All Data & Communications was contracted to install CCTV cameras at the Sunstate Cement plant at the Port of Brisbane for the detection of fire and heat-related analysis. Sunstate Cement’s proactive safety policies drove this project along with the potential high costs associated with a loss of production on the slag dryer. This led to the requirement of investigating an early warning system.

To prevent an incident from occurring, it was advised that a form of analysis equipment was required to provide information to determine if there is an issue arising at this point in the plant. It was determined that heat and fire detection cameras would mitigate the concerns raised by the safety team.

The Solution

All Data & Communications installed three new cameras around the slag dryer. One of the thermal imaging cameras monitors for fire, with the other two thermal imaging cameras monitoring the heat range. The fire monitoring camera is designed to send high- and low-level alarms if a fire is detected. This results in localised fire alarms being triggered, alarms in the control room being triggered, and the automatic shutdown of the slag dryer. The heat sensing cameras detect heat at a certain range and send a low-level alarm to the control room, where investigation can commence.

Shielded category 6 cable was installed within steel conduit, ensuring the longevity and reliability of the monitoring system.

Peace of Mind

Sunstate Cement can operate with peace of mind with the addition of the extra monitoring system being installed.

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