Slag Dryer Silo Upgrade

Slag Dryer Silo Upgrade | Sunstate Cement

Sunstate Cement Ltd (SCL) is a leading manufacturer and supplier of cement products throughout Queensland and northern New South Wales, producing some 1.5Mtpa. The manufacturing facility is located at the Port of Brisbane. The facility has an extensive electrical reticulation network of both HV and LV substations, switchboard and cabling. As the facility is some 25 years old, several maintenance related projects are being carried out to upgrade electrical and mechanical systems to ensure reliable operation and compliance with current Australian Standards and Regulations. The Slag Silo has been identified as requiring a replacement vertical section. The replacement vertical section will be 3.5m higher than that existing, requiring an extension of all electrical and lighting cabling above the existing top of the silo. This job covers the electrical works associated with the supply and installation of a junction box and extending all power, control, instrumentation and lighting cabling including the supply and installation of replacement cable supports, cabling, lighting fittings and field devices.

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