141 Queen & 140 Elizabeth Street Brisbane


All Data & Communications was contracted to upgrade the network connections within the 25-floor commercial premise. The objective was to transform the building into a smart ‘technology hub’, perfect for tenants with an emphasis on high demand technology and communication requirements.

With the introduction of the NBN Co, upgrading network architecture in any existing or legacy building is typically expensive, labour intensive and disruptive to the existing tenants.

The Solution

All Data & Communications installed a blown optical fibre micro-ducting, which allows for the upgrading and installing of new optical fibre cables without the need to complete any new building works (refurbish communication risers, fire sealing, etc.) instantly future-proofing and giving the building the flexibility of any new fibre installation. Meaningless labour, less disruption to tenants, and being cost effective. It was the ideal solution for this ageing building at Queen & Elizabeth Street.

The advantages of this system for building managers is that all services can have a network connection to:

  • Building Management Systems (BMS)
  • Security Services
  • Tenant Carrier Services
  • Building Advertisement
  • IPTV network service

In addition, for tenants of the building, an MPO Optical Fibre backbone and 10G Category 6A/Class EA solution was realised. This allowed for the infrastructure management the client was seeking to lower maintenance costs with the modular requirements for future upgrades.

Plus, with uptime being critical to any business, All Data & Communications needed to guarantee the network connection was reliable and robust at all times. Utilising a second riser within the building to install additional micro-ducting, ensuring 100% network uptime. By doing so, All Data & Communications exceeded the initial objective; delivering end-to-end services with an innovative solution for the building management team.

Peace of Mind

Due to the complex nature of the scope of works, All Data & Communications was able to provide a 25-year combined warranty of the products through a partnership with Commscope and Emtelle.

The building is now a smart-connected premise, after a seamless installation which enables the flexibility of the network and any future upgrades.

Not only does this now allow building management to offer extra services to their tenants, but it has also now aligned the building with the goal of a sought-after, smart-connected workplace for their clients.

Learn more about blown optical fibre

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Fibre optic networks are a vital component of any modern building or business infrastructure. Blown Optical Fibre is a delivery method that makes the install, repair and maintenance of your fibre network quicker, easier, more reliable, and more cost-effective. Discover how All Data & Communications transformed a 25-floor commercial premise in Brisbane’s CBD into a Smart Technology Hub with little disruption to network services.

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