MDF A-B Jumpering


A-B jumpering is the process of creating an electrical circuit of copper wire between the two ‘sides’ of the terminal block in your MDF. You will have either the (old) soldered terminal MDF block or the (new) KRONE punch-down terminal module within your MDF box or room at your premises. Terminal blocks are also referred to as modules.

MDFs and responsibility

If your office is in a shared building or you live in an apartment, unit or villa then your phone line is most likely connected to your carrier’s network via a Main Distribution Frame or MDF. If you live in a freestanding house, then your line is most likely connected directly to the carrier’s network.

MDFs are the point in your building where the incoming lines from Telstra or other service provider terminate.  From this point, the phone lines in the building become the responsibility of the strata title owners. The MDF connects the independent units or townhouses to the main carrier lines from one central location.

The MDF is usually found in a secure box or room that can be accessed by our qualified and experienced technicians. Often your landlord or building manager will be able to provide a key (or other access) to the MDF when our technicians are booked to connect you.

MDFs not only provide a central point for all of the phone lines in the building, but they also provide ADSL services on the same copper wires.

Some people have problems with their ADSL due to a number of reasons, including distance from the exchange and quality of MDF. ADSL speeds can be improved remarkably by installing what is known as a central ADSL filter/splitter.

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Our same day MDF connection service is available to inner Brisbane and all Northside suburbs. Check the installation suburb list in the form below. If your suburb is not listed please don’t hesitate to contact us to find out how we can help you.

We service all telco provider connections including Telstra, Optus, Internode, TPG, AAPT, iiNet, Dodo, and iPrimus.


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MDF AB Jumpering
MDF AB Jumpering
MDF AB Jumpering

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If your Internet is slow there’s a chance that your MDF or cabling could be to blame or it may be your ISP’s network issue. Our technicians can conduct an on-site investigation and determine the root cause of your data slowness. Where a fault is isolated to the ISP network we will provide you with the evidence you need to get your ISP to act.

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