PNCUB Project - Port of Brisbane

Centre for National Resilience Brisbane (Pinkenba)

The Australian Government worked cooperatively with all states and territories to implement measures to manage the spread of COVID-19 and maintain a robust quarantine system to keep all Australians safe.

The Commonwealth Government partnered with State governments to deliver Centres for National Resilience in Melbourne, Brisbane, and Perth. These purpose-built quarantine facilities were intended to support travellers arriving from overseas and thus ensure the safety of the Australian community. The Commonwealth entered into a Memoranda of Understanding with Victoria on 4 June 2021, with Queensland on 16 August 2021, and with Western Australia on 16 August 2021 for delivery of these centres were completed by early 2022.

Ultimately the Commonwealth funded the delivery of 1,000 beds in Melbourne and 500 beds in of Brisbane and Perth. These Centres were designed to expand quickly to meet future needs, with design and broad infrastructure requirements already determined to enable a fast ramp-up to meet additional capacity if required in the future.